High School Story Cheats

You can play high school story cheats through your iphone and android phones. It is one of the intresting game in the world. There are many options to enjoy this beautiful game. Here, you are allowed to create your own school according to your dreams. You can plan anything for your classmates just like arranging a birthday party. You can play this game with your friends all over the world. The most important part of the game is you can go on dates and design your own looks.

We can found thousands of cheat codes for hacking high school story but only few of them works. Few expert hackers found cheat codes for having rings. Rings are always useful for unlocking everything while playing high school story. If you have number of rings you can unlock all your classmates and buildings. It is difficult to earn rings with out using cheat codes. These high school story cheats will be a great inspiration for playing the game again and again.